Festivals & Events

5Fall Leaf Festival

Our Fall Leaf Fest is a day when families come to the school and help with yard clean up. Families are encouraged to bring their children and rakes, tarps, and leaf blowers. The children love catching a ride on one of the tarps to the compost pile located in the back garden. Hayfield tries to recycle as much yard waste as possible in their own compost pile.

Snacks and drinks are provided by the HMPA for all our volunteers. It’s a great day to spend with your family and Hayfield friends and help keep maintenance costs down for the school.

Hayfield Performance

Our Hayfield Annual Performance is a day when the children will perform for you. The event is usually held in a local auditorium, so the children can experience performing on a stage. The children and teachers work for many weeks preparing a wonderful program for you including songs, poems and plays followed by a reception. This event is one not to miss! As soon as the date is announced please add this to your calendar and invite grandparents, aunts and uncles. It is a fun day for everyone.

Festival of Fun

Hayfield’s Annual Festival of Fun has been a major component of our school’s fundraising for over 25 years. It started out many years ago as a student art auction. It has transformed over the years to include a raffle, silent auction, craft booths, face painting, delicious food, and an extensive art show. This is again one of those events your child and you will not want to miss. The Festival is usually held in the Spring on a Saturday from 10-3. This event is by far our largest fundraiser and the money earned from this event has helped pay for major renovations and upgrades for the school including cabinets for the Preschool building, construction of the “quiet room” for the Elementary students, or purchasing a new photocopier machine. This program is only possible because of dedicated parental involvement at Hayfield.

We will see you all there at the Festival of Fun, Fun, Fun!

Spring & Fall Picnics