Our Faculty & Staff

Mrs. Aline M. Abell

Principal, Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher, Director of Preschool/Kindergarten

Hayfield’s director, principal & head of school, Ms. Aline joined Hayfield’s staff in 1994. She taught preschool/kindergarten classes at Hayfield for many years before taking over administrative duties full-time in 2009. Ms. Aline has a B.A. in Education from Earlham College, a Masters in Montessori Education from Loyola College, & an Association Montessori Internationale Diploma, which she earned in 1994. Ms. Aline continues to teach part-time as a supplemental art instructor for Hayfield’s elementary students, and she serves on the school’s board.





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Mrs. Myriam Denoncourt-Dobson

Elementary Teacher

Ms. Myriam, our lead elementary  teacher for grades 1 through 5, also serves on the Hayfield Montessori board of directors. Ms. Myriam holds a B.A. in French & German from Earlham College & a St. Nicholas Montessori Teaching Certificate, which she earned in New York. She joined the Hayfield staff in 1992.







Mrs. Mary Lipscomb

Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher/Spanish Teacher

Ms. Mary was introduced to the  Hayfield family when her children were students here. She joined our staff in 2001 after teaching Spanish at Assumption High School until 1998. Ms. Mary began as a teaching assistant & now teaches one of our preschool/kindergarten classes. She holds a B.A. in Spanish from St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota & in 2003 received her Montessori teaching certification from Vancouver’s North American Montessori Center.






Mrs. Tina Phillips

Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Tina, a preschool/kindergarten teacher, worked as a preschool classroom assistant at Hayfield since 2006.   Before joining us, Ms. Tina worked with children in many arenas: as a shift supervisor at the emergency shelter program at Home of the Innocents, as a kindergarten assistant in Bowling Green, & as a substitute teacher for Community Catholic and JCPS. She received her Montessori certification through Montessori Centre International.






Ms. Dheera Shah

Assistant/Yoga Instructor

Ms. Dheera, our elementary assistant & the yoga instructor for all class levels, joined Hayfield in 2003 while her children were students here.  An experienced Montessori workshop attendee, Ms. Dheera has a diploma in Home Science from India.







Ms. Nilambari Gupta

Preschool/Kindergarten Assistant

Before joining Hayfield in 2011, Ms. Nilambari worked as an intern at Sacred Heart preschool for a year. She is pursuing Montessori Certification with Montessori Opputunities as an AMS (American Montessori Society)  certified Montessori teacher. She holds a Bachelor of technology (B.tech) in Hotel Management and catering technalogy from India. She was introduced to Hayfield as a parent in 2004.






Mrs. Monique F. Denoncourt and Mr. Leo P. Denoncourt

Founders, Former Teachers, Board of Directors

Mrs. Monique F. Denoncourt & Mr. Leo P. Denoncourt
The Denoncourts founded Hayfield Montessori in 1967 & have since taught many generations of Hayfield students.  Though retired from full-time teaching, they are active in the life of the school.  They both serve on the school’s Board of Directors, & Mr. D. continues to teach recorder to the elementary students. We are grateful that their many years of Montessori experience continue to guide all of us at Hayfield.